HOF – Fred Cieslik


2016 – Pioneer
Fred Cieslik

Fred Cieslik was a Cleveland legend, competing with Many other Ohio Hall of Famers, Paul Kulbaga and Ernie Kovach to name a couple. Along with George Shuld and Andy Stanonich their Buddy Simon Team amassed Ohio State BA Actual Team Championships in 1960-1961 and 1967.

Fred was a perennial selection on the Cleveland Kegler All Star Team and was named the King of Bowlers in 1961. He also laid claim to the Sam Levine Classic Title. His Buddy Simon Team won the 1960 ABC All Events Title. That same year he placed 5th in the individual All Events.

In the day when 300 games and 800 series were rare, Fred shot 3-300 games, along with a 299 and a 298. He had over 100-700 series on his log and one 800 to his credit. Fred carried a 200+ average for at least 9 years.

Tonight the name of Fred Cieslik is placed along with many of his former teammates in the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame as a distinguished “Pioneer”.

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