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Who We Are

Our mission is to bring together in an atmosphere of friendliness and cooperation those who promote the sport of bowling in the State of Ohio and who are members of the United States Bowling Congress, and

To honor outstanding publicity efforts by the members with an awards program, and

To foster the exchange of information and to discuss the problems connected with publicity through the written word, radio and television, and

To assist with the goals and projects of the Ohio USBC Bowling Associations and extend fullest cooperation to their programs, and

To publish a newsletter to be called The Write Angle for our members.

Are you or someone in your association interested in winning awards and/or recognition? Does your association have a newsletter? Does your association have a website?

We now have links to several awards programs that we give out annually.

Sam Levine Best News Story


Leigh Betts Memorial Photography Award

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Ruth Heath-Trott, President
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