HOF – Keith Nusbaum


2015 Superior Performance
Keith Nusbaum

At 52 years of age, Keith Nusbaum has accomplished more in bowling than most people will in their entire career. The big difference is that Keith isn’t even close to being done yet.

Keith has maintained a 200+ average for over 25 years. His highest being 245 in the 2013-14 season. His high game is, of course, 300 and he has 100 of those to his credit. His high series is an 868 in 1987 and has lost count of the many others he has rolled.

His local titles are many, among them a 1983 Team Championship as well as a GTUSBCA Master’s title, A Mixed Doubles title and first place in the Doubles with partner Dale Ellis, they rolled a perfect 600 game in 1995.

Keith has many other tournament victories, the greatest of all be- ing the two victories in the ABC Team events. His K.J. Excavat- ing Team won the ABC Team title in 2001 and he was a member of the Reeb Funeral Home 1992 ABC Team All Events winners.

As the owner of Shot Makers Pro Shop’s, he has the opportunity to help others to get the most of their bowling. Operating pro shops in 4 different locations is quite a task, but Keith is well suited for the job. Days will find him drilling balls, while nights you’ll find him in league play or coaching others in the betterment of their game.

For his exceptional performance on the lanes, tonight we recognize Keith Nusbaum for all of his Superior Performances.

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