HOF – Dale Goins


2015 Meritorious Service
Dale Goins

Dale Goins personifies the meaning of the word volunteer. He has served his local Zanesville USBC BA for over 32 years He started as a Director and moved forward until he reached the Presidency, as which he served until 5 years ago when he retired to devote his time strictly to the Ohio State USBC BA.

As Zone Director, Dale started a mini-Jamboree for the local association in his zone. It is attended by nearly all of the locals and is the reason that zone is probably the best informed in the state.

Dale started his career with the Ohio State USBC BA as a Director, a position he held for 10 years. In 2011 he was appointed Vice President, a position that not only entails administration, but managing and training all of the zone directors.

While Dale was Vice President, he chaired the Promotion and Publicity Committee who completely upgraded the bidding processes for Championship Tournament, the Senior Handicap Tournament and the Annual Jamboree.

Dale is a Registered Volunteer and has taken on the added responsibility of assisting the Ohio State USBC Youth Board as a director.

He is also a Certified Lanes Inspector and has given several classes around the state to teach local board members to do lane certifications.

For all his excellent leadership skills, tonight we recognize Dale Goins for Meritorious Service.