HOF – Dave D’Entremont*


2002 – Superior Performance — Professional
Dave D’Entremont

Dave D’Entremont had compiled an outstanding record as a professional bowler and is still adding to it. He began the 2002/03 PBA Tournament Tour with an average of 218 and is still going strong.

A member of the Professional bowlers Association for 20 years. Dave has won six national PBA Tournaments — the PBA Wichita Open in Wichita, Kansas; in Fresno, California; Sunrise, Florida; Portland, Oregon; Peoria, Illinois and the Brunswick Tournament of Champions in Chicago, Illinois. He has won 10 PBA Regional tournaments in five states, four of the in Ohio (two at Xenia, one in Cleveland and one in Columbus). He has bowled in four city, five state, and 10 ABC national tournaments. In 1992 he was runner-up in the ABC Masters.

Along the way he has provided spectators with splendid performances — 12 – 800 series, over 200 sets of 700, 35 – 300 games and 5 – 299 games, usually posting season averages in the 200 bracket.

In 1992 he was chosen to be on Bowling Magazine’s All American second team. In 1995, he was named to Bowling Magazine’s All American first team. In that season, he also was elected to Bowlers Journal first team and was named captain; he also was the Harry Smith PBA Tour point leader for that season.

A professional staff member for Track, Dave tonight becomes an Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame member.

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