HOF – Debbie Rainone


1992 – Superior Performance — Professional
Debbie Rainone

Debbie Rainone started bowling at age fifteen in 1971 in Cleveland, averaging 154. In 1974, averaging 187, she bowled a city high series of 747 and also joined the Professional Bowlers Association. Debbie averaged 221 in 1980, second highest in the nation, 216 in 1981 and 221 in 1983. Both were third highest in the nation.

She won four city singles titles 1979-84, and two were city records, a 758 and 761. She won a city match game title in 1978 averaging 228 and won again in 1980. She was Queen of Cleveland Bowlers in 1975-80.

Debbie has bowled 67 – 275 and over games, 2 -298, 299 and 300 games plus 83 – 700series and one city high series of 824.

She was Ohio State Match Game Champion in 1979 and was third WIBC Queens in 1975. She and her sister Marge Gulatta won the Ohio WBA Actual Doubles title in 1987.

Debbie won the 1980 PBA tournament in St. Louis and was selected on the third place All American team in 1981.

She won three regional titles in 1978-80 and 1985 and was ten times on the BPAA All Star team, and seven times named to the Cleveland All Star team.

In 1976, with her mother, won the open division doubles title of WIBC in Denver. In 1977 she was fourth and in 1984 fifth in the WIBC singles.

She has many other titles and high finishes. Debbie was inducted into the Cleveland BA Hall of Fame in 1986 and in 1992 into the Ohio WBA Hall of Fame, superior performance category.

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