HOF – Kari Murph Watson


2012 – Kari Murph Watson
Superior Performance

Kari Murph Watson has had many accomplishments in the past twenty years that she has been a Greater Dayton USBC, Ohio USBC WBA and WIBC/USBC member.

Kari has rolled fifteen 300 games and he highest series has been an 819and her highest average a 226.

She was a member of the ohio USBC WBA Championship Tournament team actual in 2012, 2010, 1999 and 1998.

In the 1993 WIBC Open Division she was the singles champion. She finished in third place in the 1993 WIBC Open Division Doubles, fourth place in 2001 and eight place in 2003.

Kari was the Evansville Ladies tournament all events scratch champion in 2005, the Louisville Fillies all events scratch champion in 2004, a member of the first place ladies team handicap Hoinke Classic in 2003, won the LPBT Regional Title in Long Island, New York in 1994, the firs place ladies scratch division Hoinke Classic in 1993 and was the high female finisher in the Super Hoinke in 1993.

Kari’s collegiate awards include First Academic All American in 1991-92, First Team All American in 1990-91, BPAA Player of the Year in 1990-91 National Collegiate Team Champion in 1989-90 and Second Team All American in 1989-90.

She was the WIBC Alberta E. Crowe Star of Tomorrow Award recipient in 1992.

Kari has won numerous local titles and has been a Greater Dayton USBC All Star Team member twelve times from 1993 to 2006. She was Bowler of the Year three times during that period.

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