HOF – Susan Hartley


2011 – Superior Performance
Susan Hartley

Susan Hartley has been a WIBC/USBC member for thirty-four years. She is a member of the Greater Dayton USBC.

She has had seventeen 300 games, her last in May, 2010, five 800 plus series, five 299 games, three 298 games, seventy-five of 275-297 and two hundred and fifty plus 700 series.

She has maintained a 200 plus average since 1990. Her highest average was a 219. During the 1987-88 season she set a WIBC record for most 200 averages in a single season (seven) with 209, 202, 200, 214, and 204.

Susan has been a member of the Dayton WBA/Greater Dayton USBC AllStar Team twelve times beginning with the 1990-1991 season and her last being during the 2009-2010 season.

She has accumulated ten Dayton WBA/Greater Dayton USBC championship titles. She won team actual, 1991; singles actual, 2002; doubles actual, 2003; doubles actual and handicap, 2010 and Dayton WBA/BA Mixed Tournament doubles actual and handicap, 2008. She was the Dayton 700 Club Champion in 1986-87, 1992-93, and 2004-05.

Susan was a member of the Ohio WBA Actual Division Team Champions in 2002 in which she rolled a 709. In the 2010 Ohio USBC WBA Championship Tournament she placed 2nd in doubles actual, with an 806 series.

She has completed in all twenty-five Ohio WBA/Ohio USBC WBA Queens Tournaments. She has been a top five finalist in the Queens Tournament three times, placing fourth in 1991, second in 2000, and third in 2002.

She was inducted into the Ohio WBA Hall of Fame in 2004 for Superior Performance and into the Dayton WBA Hall of Fame in 1993 for Superior Performance.

She has served on the Dayton WBA Board of Directors and the Dayton 700 Club Board of Directors.

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