HOF – Emilio Mora Sr.


2011 – Superior Performance
Emilio Mora, Sr.

Emilio Mora, Sr., at the age of seventeen was asked to go bowling with a friend and was hooked. Following high school came a two year stint in the United States army, then a wife, family and job.

In 1977 he was reading the local paper when he saw the All City Team and he decided to dust off the bowling balls and said I’m going to make that team the next year. Sure enough he did and has been a permanent fixture ever since 1978.

He has had twenty-nine 300 games, five 800 plus series and twenty-three 299 games.

He became a PBA member in 1985 and was nominated Rookie of the Year Senior Tour in 2003. He won the Senior Central Region Tournament in Bay City, Michigan in 2003 and placed third in the 2000 Regular Central Region Tournament.

He won the Northwest Ohio Tournament Bowling Association tournaments in Celina, Van Wert, Montpelier, Ottawa, 20th Century and Deshler. He was the Northwest Ohio Tournament Bowlers Association Bowler of the Year in 1991-92.

In the Greater Lakes Tournament Bowlers Association, he won at Flint, Michigan in 2002 and was second six times in two years.

Emilio has participated in every ABC/USBC National Tournament since 1979. He has an average of 197.5 in the national tournament.

He has participated in the Ohio BA/Ohio State USBC BA tournament since 1997 and was Actual All Events Champion in 1999 with an average of 253.

He was also a member of the winning team of the 1997 Ohio Mixed Tournament.

Emilio has many local tournament championships.

He began the youth program in Defiance in 1986.

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