HOF – Paul Ashby


2007 – Superior Performance — Amateur
Paul Ashby

Paul Ashby has been selected for the Ohio Hall of Fame in recognition of a sensational career. Consider these achievements: 53 300 games, 12 of them in PBA competition; 51 800 series (877 high); 29 299 games; one 298. He was a member of a professional organization for 19 years. Five times he was a regional champion: in 1996, The Oregon Open, Oregon, Ohio; Resident Pro Qualifier, Troy, Michigan; Pepsi Open, Troy, Michigan; Track Open, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and the Sunny Brook Open.

He also bowled on the 1997 Ohio State Tournament champs in 1997.

His averages from 1994-95 through 2003-04 ranged from 231 to 238. In six of those seasons, he averaged over 700 per match.

In the ABC Tournament, from 1998 through 2004, his averages were 207, 206, 217, 214, 203, 212.

In the Lake Geauga Association, his 877 was a record; in 1995-96, he led the All Events in the tournament with 2,301. He was doubles champion three times; team champion, 2 times; won the Award of Merit three times with sets of 845, 859 and 877; high average three times (238, 236, 235). In the Greater Cleveland Association, he was a‘ doubles champion twice; All Events leader with 2,172 in 2003-04; elected to the All Star Team in 2001-02.

In 1999, he was the Central Region Professional Association Player of the Year. He was a member of the Central Region Resident Pro Team for four seasons. In 2004, he was elected to the Lake Geauga Hall of Fame.

Tonight, the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame advises its current members to move over and make room for a real good one, Paul Ashby.

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