HOF – Ken Kellenberger*


2007 – Superior Performance — Amateur
Ken Kellenberger

Ken Kellenbarger has rolled 19 – 300 games in his career. The most exciting one came on March 11, 2006 after a layoff due to life-saving surgery on Dec. 1, 2005. The next day when Ken asked the surgeon when he could be able to resume bowling, the answer was in early March, provided he use a 12 pound ball and roll one game. If okay, he could bowl another and possibly another. So on March 11, 2006, Kenny rolled a 300 game with the 12 pound ball. For a big, husky guy, that’s equal to Babe Ruth hitting a home run with a bat made of feathers glued together.

Another story of excellence: when the Lancaster Bowling Shop won the Ohio Inner-City Tournament at Massillon, anchorman Ken Kellenbarger was told he would have to strike in the 10th frame for the team to win. He was solidly in the pocket, clinching the championship.

He has always felt good about rolling three solid strikes in his 19 300s, but his fondest triumphs came in the Father/Daughter Tournament which he won with his daughters, Rachel and Erica.

He is not a one-dimensional bowler. He’s rolled barrels of strikes but he has been an excellent spare shooter. He has led the Lancaster All Star League in spare shooting average.

Tonight, Ken, a member of the Lancaster Hall of Fame, will be inducted into the Ohio Hall of Fame, a recognition of his accomplishments and a well deserved honor.

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