HOF – Ron Stromfield


2006 – Superior Performance — Amateur
Ron Stromfield

Using a baseball expression in regard to a bowler who has had a long and splendid career, Ron Stromfeld has touched all the bases. He has compiled a superb record as a bowler, one including world record performances, and has participated in the non-playing area of the sport as a lane manager (Lincoln Village Lanes) and a pro shop manager at Rainbow and Sawmill Lanes in Columbus.

He has posted 200 plus averages since the 1965-66 season (his best was 226); his lifetime composite average is 211. He has an 11-year average of 198 in ABC tournaments and ranks among the top 50 nationally. He has rolled five sanctioned 800 series (816 high), 12 sanctioned 300 games, 7 sanctioned 299’s and 3 sanctioned 298’s. He set a world record with 52 consecutive series of 600 or better. He and Vicki Middendorf shot the record four game doubles (2000) at Stardust Lanes in 1972. He set an ABC record with 156 200 games in a season (now in second place) in 1978.

Ron is a certified YABA Coach and has instructed more than 1000 youth bowlers.

Ron thinks his bowling career has had a positive effect on his life. In an interview 20 years ago, . he said “One of the great things about my job is that I am doing what I like and another thing is that l am doing what I do best. You can’t beat that.”

The Ohio Bowling Council can beat that and does so tonight by ushering Ron Stromfeld into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame.

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