HOF – Robert J. Jones


2005 – Superior Performance — Amateur
Robert J. Jones

Bob Jones is a hall-of-famer if there was one.

Consider his performance in the ABC National Tournament. Beginning in 1980, Bob has averaged 206 for 107 games in the world’s most prestigious tournament. He is listed among the all-time leaders which puts him in the company of the nations best.

Over an 18 year span he has averaged 227. He rolled 30 perfect games during those seasons. In September he added another, his first in the Untied States Bowling Congress. He has had six seasons with averages over 230, his 235 in 2001-02 a new record for the Newark Bowling Association. He has rolled 11 – 800 series, including the Newark Association’s record of 879 (299-290-290).

For nine seasons in the Columbus All Star Travel League he averaged 217 for 543 games including the league record in the 1989-90 season (224).

It is in tournaments that his bowling prowess stands out. In 1980 he won the Ohio Tournament Bowlers Association at Park Lanes in Mansfield and in 1982 he won at Sawmill Lanes in Columbus. From 1981 – 2001 he won 11 all-events, five singles, four doubles and 19 team titles in the Newark Bowling Association.

His Hall of Fame sponsors wrote that “no one can ever remember Bob doing poorly in any tournament”, adding that “he always seems to come through in high level competition.”

Unanimously elected to the Newark Hall of Fame on April 13, 2002, Bob enters the Ohio Bowling Council Hall of Fame this evening.

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