HOF – Phillys White


2004 – Superior Performance — Amateur
Phyllis White

Phyllis White has long been known as one of Columbus’ best bowlers. She has averaged 200 or better for 20 years. Her high game is 300, her high series, 792.

If you look at the record in her nomination for election to the Ohio Bowling Council Hall of Fame, one accomplishment practically leaps off the pages. She repeatedly won all events championships in both city and state tournaments. That is testimony to her consistency, her ability, her lane composure. She also won team, doubles and singles titles but for the competitive bowler, the all events remains the most coveted individual title. From 1997 through 2003, she won six all events crowns, only one of them under two thousand pins. ln the city she had series of 2000, 2000 and 1,977; in state she had series of 2003, 2001 and the tournament record of a 2,171 series. She beefed up the 2,171 with a 780 series.
She has always been at her best when needed. For example, the 300-792 was rolled in a league championship roll off match.

At the time of her nomination for election to the Ohio Bowling Council Hall of Fame, she had rolled 39 series of 700 or better. In 2002, she rolled a 300 in the Adams Men’s League. Phyllis has not only been a great performer, she has also participated in the administrative side of bowling. She served on the board of directors of the Columbus Women’s Bowling Association, was supervisor of the Junior Gold Traveling League and is involved with coaching in the high school program.

To quote Betty Knott, “Phyllis displays what bowling is all about.”

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