HOF – Hank Hetz


2002 – Superior Performance — Amateur
Hank Hetz

Never a pro, Hank Hetz bowled in 30 city tournaments, 20 state tournaments and averaged 191 plus in 29 ABC National tournaments. In 1950 his Harry’s Men’s Wear team lead the ABC for 30 days but finished second. In 1953 his Cincinnati Budweiser’s team led for about 30 days but wound up third. Hetz was high man for both teams with solid 600-plus series.

He was on seven championship of the Greater Cincinnati BA. He was on the only team (Schoenling All Stars) which won back-to-back championships in the Louisville Derby Tournament (1965-66). His Carl’s Bowlers Paddock team won the 1985 Champ of Champs in Cincinnati and the State Tournament. He was on four Cincinnati Enquirer/Coca-Cola Traveling League championship teams, leading them in average each year. He won on his own, too. He won the Seymour Singles Classic and the Dom DeLotels Singles in 1949, the 1985 Senior Over the Hill Tournament and in 1954 he won the Hoinke Singles. In 1988 he had 19 straight strikes. If the 20th one carried, he would have been the first man in history to roll 300 in five different decades. Performances like those earned him membership in the GCBA Hall of Fame in 1970. In 1999 he became only the second bowler to be named to the Hamilton County Sports Hall of Fame, ABC Hall of Famer Eddie Jackson was the first. For 11 years, hank directed the Bowl Down Cancer Crusade which raised over $400,000 for the American Cancer Society. He served as GCBA director for two years (1974-75) and is still active in running the Veterans Division of the GCBA Hall of Fame.

Tonight the quintessential team bowler enters the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame.

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