HOF – Debbie Rinella


2001 – Superior Performance — Amateur
Debbie Rinella

A baseball trivia expert once said, “lf you’re ever stuck on a question about great hitters, guess Jimmie Foxx. He could do it all. “Ohio bowlers could paraphrase that advice by saying, lf you’re ever stuck on a question about great bowlers, guess Debbie Rinella. She could do it all.”

Her 200-plus averages for the past 22 seasons; her 10 300 games (plus some 299s and 298s); hundreds of 700 sets (785 high); an 802 in a non-sanctioned LPBT tournament; numerous WBA high average awards (she was third nationally in 1993 with 227); twice winning the Ohio Buckeye Belle championship; her win in the 1987 Sam’s Town LPBT National Pro-Am where she went from fifth in the stepladder finals to win $25,000; winning the 1988 Ohio State Match Game Championship; setting a WIBC record in 1995 by combining with Sue Jones for a 560 doubles game (Rinella 800, Jones 280); wining first place in the Ohio BPAA Open Qualifier in 1979 and again in 1980 and her inclusion in the WIBC All Time Top Ten in composite average are just skimming the top of her achievements.

She belongs to three Halls of Fame the Ohio WBA, the Tri-County Hall of Fame and the Summit County Sports Hall. In 1987 she was named the Dapper Dan Female Athlete of the Year. She has won 17 championships in Akron WBA tournaments, 16 in the Ohio WBA state tournaments, two in the WIBC national and was a multiple medal winner in the FlO at Bogota, Columbia in 1985.

The Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame agrees with the evaluation by Team USA Coach Fred Borden that “Debbie is one of the greatest and most talented bowlers in the world.”

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