HOF – Carl Compton*


2000 – Superior Performance — Amateur
Carl Compton

Carl Compton will be inducted into the Ohio Hall of Fame tonight, his fourth Hall of Fame. He has been honored previously by the halls of the Middleton, Hamilton and Cincinnati Associations. He has compiled records of accomplishments in each association — enough for three Hall of Fame bowlers, one in each association.

In Middleton he was a member of two team champions, twice a doubles champion, twice won all-events and once was the singles winner. In Hamilton, he was a member of two team champions and won doubles, singles and all-events. He was on the team champions and won singles in Cincinnati. He also was the OTBA champion three times, won the Richland Lanes 25-game marathon (averaging 221), twice was champion of King of TV finals and won the Crossroads Singles tournament. He shared the Louisville Derby team championship.

In statewide competition he bowled on the Ohio State Team Match Game champions, was the singles champion 1972 and is a state all-events champion. At the national level, he won the Hoinke Super Classic (averaging 218) in 1983.

Carl averaged over 200 for 23 consecutive seasons (1963-85). He has 5 – 300 games and 3 – 800s (805, 806 and 825). His top average for a season was 213 in 1963-64.

This fellow was a bowler’s bowler.

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