HOF – Jeff Thielsen


2000 – Superior Performance — Amateur
Jeff Thielsen

To describe Jeff Thielsen’s superior performances would be like reciting a litany of achievements over the past three decades.

He has excelled in league play and in tournament play (doubles, trio and team) at city and state venues in many different centers in which he competed on different lane dressings and surfaces. His nomination to the Ohio Hall of Fame, initiated by three of Ohio’s outstanding performers, Bil McCorkle, Sam Stump and Ron Stromfield, who have been both teammates and opponents, is indicative of their high regard for him. “High Regard” refers to their view that springs from a sense of his value (as a teammate) and excellence (as a performer and competitor), such that their esteem for Jeff is an opinion based on worth. That is an accomplishment because Jeff has earned it.

Jeff has rolled 24 – 300 games, 3 – 299 games and seven 800 sets (829, 806, 820, 820, 804, 812 and 848). In 1972 he won a PBA Regional tournament. He won four amateur tournaments, the 1977 Jim Shaw Match Game Classic, the 1978 and 1979 Central Ohio Match Game Opens and the 1979-80 Ohio Tournament Bowlers championship. He won four championships in the Ohio State tournament, two scratch all-events, scratch doubles and scratch team events. He was on the championship team of the Columbus City Tournaments in 1984, 1997 and 1998. He has won many league championships, including six of the most highly rated leagues Columbus has had.

A member of the Columbus Hall of Fame, Jeff tonight enters the Ohio Hall of Fame.

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