HOF – Joe Nuzzo


1999 – Superior Performance — Meritorious Service
Joe Nuzzo

Joe Nuzzo averaged over 200 when he was 13 years old and has done so ever since. Along the way he has rolled over 1,000 700 series, 25 300 games, and seven 800 sets (815, 824, 821, 802 twice, 801 and 847).

Nuzzo has been on the Youngstown BA team champions seven times (scratch) and three times handicap. He has won two doubles titles, five singles titles, three all-events and the mixed doubles event once.

He was champion of the BPAA Eliminations (1972), of the U.S. Open Qualifier (Toledo) in 1990, the Youngstown Masters twice (1984 – 85). The Greater Pittsburgh Open twice (1976 and 1980), won two Ohio Masters, at Painesville and at Cleveland, and the Ohio BA team (1986). He won the Ohio BA all-events in 1996. He finished second (with Ernie Schlegel) in the ABC Classic Doubles at St. Louis in 1978. In nine ABC tournaments his average is 200.

Joe is highly respected as a star who never hesitated to help others with their games. He served on the Youngstown BA Board of Directors, 1987 through 1990. For his skill on the lanes and participation off the lanes he was elected to the Youngstown BPA Hall of Fame in 1994.

One more jewel in his crown of achievement takes place tonight with his entrance into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Superior Performance — Amateur.

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