HOF – Ernie Kovach*


1997 – Superior Performance — Amateur
Ernie Kovach

Tonight we are honoring Ernie posthumously for his achievements in the game of bowling. Five times he was a member of the winning team in Greater Cleveland Bowling Association Championships. He duplicated this feat by being a member of the winning team in the Ohio State Bowling Association Championships five times. He won the Cleveland All-Events once. Was a member of the Cleveland Championship Doubles team three times and State of Ohio Doubles twice. Cleveland Match Game Champion. Member of the prestigious ABC Team All-Events in 1960. This in addition to many other championships throughout the state of Ohio.

Ernie had eight 300 games, two 299 games, two 298 games, two 800 series and well over 300 – 700 series during his lifetime. From 1955 to 1993 he bowled in 70 leagues and compiled a lifetime 203 average during this time. In the 1959-60 Buddy Simon League, he rolled twenty three 700 series including eight consecutive weeks, concluding the season with a 225 average.

Ernie was inducted into the Greater Cleveland Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 1973 and tonight we honor Ernie by being inducted into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Superior Performance.

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