HOF – Martin Mravec*


1995 – Superior Performance — Amateur
Martin Mravec

For the past 47 years, Martin (Marty) Mravec has been very active in the bowling circles of Ohio and been a member of the Greater Cleveland Bowling Association for over fifty years and during that time has attained an enviable record. From the 1954-55 season through the 1992-93 season, bowling in three of the cities toughest leagues, Marty registered a 201+ composite average.

His string of tournament titles includes five GCBA Actual titles, beginning in 1959 with a Team, 1961 with Singles, again 1968 Team, 1972 Doubles and his third team in 1977. Marty was named to the 1968-69 Cleveland Kegler All Star Team after receiving a second place nod in 1966-67.

The Ohio State Bowling Association rolls also lists his name in the Championship Tournament category five times, winning both the actual and handicap doubles on 1964 with Bob Cahill and again in 1979 with Mark Kunath.

Probably the tournament that brings the fondest memories for Marty was the 1981 National Seniors Tournament in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. During the tournament, Marty rolled a record actual singles score of 781, naturally giving him a 781 handicap score, which was a record also. During the course of that memorable exhibition, Marty rolled the first 300 game in the record of the then 22 year old event.

In addition to that history making 300, Marty has six others to his credit, along with a 299. His high average for one season was a 215 and a high series a 796. He rolled over 100 – 700 series during his career..

Marty has not only left his mark in the history books with his prowess on the lanes but also has contributed greatly to the progress of the Cleveland Bowling Association by serving on it’s board of directors since 1982. At present he is serving as the GCBA President.

In 1982 Marty was elected to the Greater Cleveland Bowling Association hall of Fame in the Superior Performance category and it is with well defined credentials that we tonight place the name of Martin Mravec on the rolls of the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Superior Performance – Amateur.

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