HOF – Jack Calhoun


1994 – Superior Performance — Amateur
Jack Calhoun

A member of the Cincinnati Bowling Association for 33 years, Jack has three sanctioned 300 games and an 820 series to his credit. He also a 199.75 ABC National Tournament average for 30 years with 267 games bowled. His all-time high Cincinnati average was a 223. He has been on the winning team in various classic leagues a total of 8 times, and held the high average in two different classic leagues a total of four times. Trying to follow his career wins just in the sate of Ohio takes in most of the prestigious tournaments Ohio has to offer. He won the Hoinke Classic Doubles scratch and handicap championships in 1968, the Hoinke Scratch Team championship in 1986 and the Dick Hoover Match Team Championship in 1976. He was the Glenmore Bowl Drop One Champ in 1963, the Pollards Singles Champ for four games scratch, and the Poelking Lanes Mixed Doubles Champ in Dayton. His city titles include one all-events, two singles titles, two team titles, and three-time City Match Game Champion. He also has two State Team Match Game Championships to his credit, as well as garnering a four-time Ohio Tournament Bowlers Association championship. Going out of state, he was a two-time Louisville Derby Champ, once in doubles, and once in team event in 1993.

In 1979, he finished 8th in the Masters Tournament in Tampa, Florida. His finishes in the ABC Tournaments are as follows: in 1974 he was 13th in doubles, in 1978 his team placed 7th, in 1980he had 9th place all-events, and the year 1990 saw him take third in the doubles event.

Perhaps his most memorable tournament was in 1975, when as a U.S. Open finalist, he finished 23rd. Or perhaps it was when he made national television (ESPN) in the Seniors National Championship in 1992. Television wasn’t new to him, however, as he had 15 local appearances on that medium.

Jack has been named to the All City Team 1st Team a total of four times, and was once the Enquirer Bowler of the Year.

Is it any wonder that we honor Jack Calhoun as Superior Performance in the Amateur Division?

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