HOF – Anthony (Farina) DiMare*


1991 – Superior Performance — Amateur
Anthony (Farina) DiMare

Anthony (Farina) DiMare, one of the top bowlers from Ashtabula, is being inducted into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for his many superior performance accomplishments as an amateur bowler. He averaged over 200 for 12 years with a 210 average in 1960. He had a 200+ composite average for over 30 years (1950-80).

Farina, as he is known by his friends, bowled 26 sanctioned 700 series which include a 765. He has rolled three 300 games.

His individual titles include the Ohio Inter-City Singles Championship with a 733 series in 1956 (which was a tournament record), the Ohio Inter-City All-Events Championship with a 2027 series in 1971, and the Ashtabula County Singles Championship in 1950. He captured first place in the Northeastern Ohio BPA Tournament in 1951, 1955 and 1959. He and his partner won the doubles of the 26th Annual National Postal Tournament. He was a member of the Professional Bowlers Association in 1958-59.

Other honors include being elected to the Ashtabula County Hall of Fame, being a member of several All-Star teams and winner of numerous sweeper tournaments.

Farina tied for the semi-finals of the National BPAA Al-Star Tournament at Chicago in 1951 and made the semi finals at Omaha, Nebraska in 1959.

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