HOF – Jerilyn Edwards


2009 – Superior Performance — Amateur
Jerilyn Edwards

Jerillyn “Jeri” Edwards has dedicated more than 29 years to the sport of bowling, beginning with her prep years where she led her high school team to the 1980 Illinois State championship and was the individual high school bowling champ. She entered Penn State University and as a freshman was named to the Collegiate All-Tournament team in 1981. She was on the Penn State University varsity bowling team for four years and was a collegiate champion in several highly regarded national tournaments during her collegiate career.

She spent five years on the Ladies Professional Bowlers Tour, winning the 1990 Great Atlanta Open. She has captured WIBC championships with the national team champions in 1988 and WIBC singles champion in Illinois. She won the Ohio USBC WBA Championship Tournament Actual All Events title in 2005.

Jeri served as the Team USA National Assistant Coach for eight years and as Junior Team USA Head Coach during 2002-2003. She was named Team USA Head Coach in 2004 and is still serving in that capacity.

She is a Gold Certified USA Bowling Coach and Professional Bowling Camps Instructor for ten years. She served as Editor of Bowling Digest for seven years and is a featured writer for US Bowler.

She was co-author of USA Junior Olympic Bowling Coach Level One Text, Advanced Adjustments (test, video and audio program), Bowling – The Handbook of Bowling Psychology. She co-hosted the Bowling the Family Sport Video, The Master Plan to Great Bowling Video, Learn the Curve Video, Bowling – The Pun Sport Video, Bowler’s Private Coach Video, Increase your Average: Today’s Bowling Techniques and Bowling Rocks Video.

Jeri served as Co-Tournament Director of the ABC Senior Masters for three years and as Co-Tournament Director of the PBA Bayer/Brunswick Touring Players Championship for three years.

She served as President of the Akron Bowling Proprietors Association for three years and the only woman ever to serve as a board member on the National ABC Board of Directors for three years.

In 2004 she received the Metropolitan Bowling Writers Special Service Award, was the 2005, 2006, 2007 United States Olympic Committee Coach of the Year and was inducted into the Summit County hall of Fame in 2006.

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