HOF – Alex Black Sr.


1989 – Superior Performance — Amateur
Alex Black Sr.

The best bowler ever to come out of Lorain, is the way many people remember Alex Black.

Black, who turned 85 on October,19 lives in a nursing home in Lorain.

He bowled his first sanctioned 300 game in 1935 and had a second in 1951. He managed 20 other unsanctioned 300’s including one in the Petersen Classic in Chicago.

In 1934, Black had an unbelievable 222.27 league average. The same year, he rolled his highest series, an amazing 793. In 1953, he was named to Mort Luby’s All-American Team.

Black left Lorain in his early years to bowl in Detroit with the famous Strohs team. He returned to Lorain to raise his family of five children.

An ABC veteran, Black rolled in 39 tournaments. In 1971, he was working the Detroit tournament as a scorer. As he was returning to his hotel room, he was robbed and severely beaten which ended his active participation in the sport he loved.

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