HOF – Eugene Adams


2010 – Meritorious Service
Eugene Adams

In the early “50’s”, a member of the Greater Cincinnati Bowling Association while working with Eugene, urged him to get involved in the sport of bowling.

During his first year of bowling he became a league secretary. In 1959 he became a Director of the Greater Cincinnati Bowling Association and became its President in 1974.

In 1969 he was elected as a Director of the American Bowling Congress. In 1977 he was elected 1O”‘ Vice President. In 1988 he was elected President of the American Bowling Congress, serving as the 75“‘ president. In his year of presidency 1988-1989 he helped to guide ABC during the expansion and enhancement of many new programs. He also helped to expand its award program and communications to many segments of the industry, including members.

During his year as president he traveled extensively throughout the United States, visiting with many local bowling associations. He also visited the Hawaii Bowling Association and continued on to the opening of the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea. That was the first time that an ABC President traveled to meet its members throughout the country.

During his presidency they also began training of volunteers, which was expanded as the Local Association Training Conferences and were conducted on a regional basis. ABC took bowling to the masses with the first bowling news program “Bowling World” televised on ESPN.

Eugene was also instrumental in leading ABC’s involvement in the international and Olympic arenas. Bowling became part of the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea as an exhibition sport.

He is a member of the Greater Cincinnati Bowling Hall of Fame and past president of the Cincinnati YABA, an organization which he was instrumental in beginning.

In 1979 he was elected Director-at-Large of the Ohio State Bowling Association and was a Life Member. He still serves as a committee member of the Ohio State USBC Bowling Association and attends the Greater Cincinnati USBC Bowling Association meetings.

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