HOF – Mary Hardin*


2007 – Meritorious Service
Mary C. Hardin

Mary Hardin has been the personification of competence for 44 years. She was a delegate to the national WIBC Convention for 24 years. Appointed by WIBC President Joyce Deitch to serve on the Association Operations Ad Hoc committee. She bowled in 20 WIBC tournaments.

She served as a Dayton WBA Director, 1981-1986; 3rd Vice President, 1986-l988; 2nd Vice President, 1994-96; Treasurer, 1996-2006. Currently, 2nd Vice President and Financial Officer.

Mary has been a member of the Dayton YABA (now USBC) Board since 1990. Currently she is Vice President.

Mary brought the Ohio WBA into the computer age, beginning with the WIBC tournament package, a major cost reduction for the Ohio WBA. Under her direction other computer systems were installed in the state office, including a database to prepare labels for state office mailing and the Ohio Hi-Lites which can be updated on a timeless base at considerable cost savings. Mary was also responsible for a computerized’ data base to track delegate records for the annual meetings, making reports available for the nominating committee giving the committee the names of individuals who are eligible to run for board positions.

Mary received the Bowling Centers Association of Ohio (BCAO) Meritorious Service Award in 2005. She researched and wrote up resumes for the Dayton WBA, Ohio WBA, Ohio Bowling Council and the WIBC Hall of Fame.

Tonight, the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame opens its door to welcome a most deserving and capable person to its Hall of Fame.

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