HOF – Herb Thibodeau


2006 – Meritorious Service
Herb Thibodeau

The activities and dedication of Herb Thibodeau are almost mind-boggling.

Herb guided development of the Fostoria, Ohio, Bowling Council in 1986 and has served as president ever since. He was the driving force behind creation of the Fostoria Hall of Fame. i He initiated in-school bowling programs and was a supporter of high school leagues and tournaments. He has been a bowling instructor for 30_}/ears.

Twice named to the Fostoria Hall of Fame, in 1987 for superior performance (he has rolled seven 300 games and five 800 series), and in 1994 for meritorious service.

Herb has served on every committee in the state association. He served as president and vice president of the Ohio Bowling Council from 1992 to 1996.

He has served as chairman on the following committees: BCAO Legislative Committee, 2002 to present; BCAO Executive Board, 1996-98; BCAO Nominating Committee, l992-94; BCAO Membership Committee, 1990-92; BCAO Awards Committee, 1998-2000; Chairman BCAO Audit & Budget Committee, 1986-88; Co-chair BCAO Promotions Committee, 1982-84. He was awarded the BPAO Achievement Award in 1991, the BPAA Certificate of Achievement in 1996 and served many years on the BPAA Board of Directors.

Herb developed the Richard Brown Scholarship Fund, which continues to grow. Any area junior bowler going on to college can apply for money from this fund. He should be called, Meritorious Service”.

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