HOF – Jo Dimond


2004 – Meritorious Service
Jo Dimond

When you examine the record of achievement of Jo Dimond, you first think she had to be twins to handle all the duties, promotion of bowling, the work for the WIBC, the Ohio WBA and Columbus WBA and all the other projects. Then you realize that is not so — she has to be triplets!

The accomplishments Jo has had are mind boggling. But her nomination for entrance into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame is also revealing. She has never shirked, never missed an opportunity to promote any kind of bowling activities, both on and off the lanes. She has coordinated with proprietors at all the centers, promotion of fund raisers, Special Olympics (she learned sign language in order to communicate with the bowlers), BVL and the WIBC, Ohio WBA Columbus WBA, and the Columbus Men’s Association. Obviously, she cannot be outworked.

One of her promotions — the one for BVL — is one with marvelous results, Jo not only has the satisfaction of helping others but of being part of a national movement. The Veterans Administration has saluted the BVL. “What have you accomplished for the hospitalized veterans is far beyond our fondest hopes. No other group of people has evolved a means as effective as yours in raising the morale of the hospitalized veterans.”

Tonight, Jo reaps the reward for her devotion and tireless promotion as she is welcomed into the Ohio Bowling Council Hall of Fame.

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