HOF – Lloyd Russell*


2004 – Meritorious Service
Lloyd Russell

Lloyd Russell was, without a doubt, the best known member of Lancaster’s bowling community.

If there was anything he could do to promote the sport, to solve problems, to enhance the enjoyment of players, to contribute to any and all projects, including unstinting work, it would be done.

It would be done without hesitation, without delay, without hedging. It would be done with care, with fairness, with integrity, with skill based on sound knowledge of both the competitive and administrative area of the sport.

He served on all committees over the years. As chairman of the Legislative Committee for 26 years, he excelled in ironing our bowlers’ misunderstandings, complaints, and violations. He prevented the development of problems to the point of formal contention.

He was president of the AJBC for three years and when Young American Bowling Alliance supplanted AJBC, he served for two years as its president. He became a Certified Youth Bowling Coach for AJBC and was re-certified in 1983 for YABA.

As secretary for the Lancaster Bowling Association, he served as chairman for the City Championship Tournament, the Classic Trio Tournament, the LBA-LBWA Mixed Tournament and Lancaster’s first open-to-all-comers tournament. He attended LWBA workshops and fostered cooperation between the two associations.

Lloyd was involved in all aspects of bowling and accomplished more than most can expect to do. Most certainly, his trademark was “Meritorious Service.”

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