HOF – William (Bill) Kuczinski


2002 – Meritorious Service
William (Bill) Kuczinski

Bill Kuczinski has been a vigorous promoter of bowling throughout his career. He had held many leadership offices — president of the Cleveland BPA from 1990 to 1994, of the Ohio State YABA from 1994 – 96, of the Bowling Centers Association of Ohio from 1996 – 98.

During his term as president of BCAO he appointed a task force to review the youth scholarship program. The Grand Prix Tournament, a result of that study, has awarded $36,000 in scholarships in its first three years.

He was chairman of the BCAO’s Tournament Committee from 1988 to 1994. During that time the BCAO led the nation for two straight years in entries in the “Star of the Game” tournament, once having more than 1,000 more entries than any other state. He also contributed to the Ohio Bowling Council’s development of the Ohio Mixed Tournament.

In 1989 he was elected to be BCAO’s representative to the BPAA Board of Directors and was re-elected to three year terms (1993-95 and 1998-2000). He was chairman of the BPAA Bowl Expo Task Force in 1995 and in 1997 received the BPAA Certificate of Achievement.

He hasn’t forgotten his roots. The man who revamped the “Bowling Birthday” program still spends time on the lanes, instructing and encouraging youth bowlers.

Tonight Bill Kuczinski, innovator, executive, promoter of youth, becomes a member of the Ohio Bowling Council Hall of Fame.

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