HOF – Robert Schmidlin


2002 – Meritorious Service
Robert Schmidlin

Robert Schmidlin has led a double life in bowling — he has been a towering figure in Ohio youth bowling and an equally accomplished one in adult bowling.

He served the Ohio State YABA s president and as regional director (once administering two regions simultaneously), vice president and state tournament director (for two tournaments), directed AJBC tournaments from 1966 to 1978, including the Schmidlin Scholarship Invitational, plus being deeply involved in administrative committee work on both state and local levels. He was state JTBA tournament director (1982-95). At the adult level, he was a director, officer (all chairs, including president in 1978) of the Greater Cincinnati Bowling Association. GCBA bestowed upon him its greatest honors — Life Membership in 1979 and election to the GCBA Hall of Fame in 1992. He helped organize such as the Ohio State Singles and Doubles Tournament in 1988. He also directed the Joseph Rotsching Senior Tournament for 16 years.

Many of the youth bowlers he encouraged and helped out on the lanes have gone on to fine careers with award accomplishments as adult bowlers.

A key sentence in his bowling resume notes that he was instrumental in organizing tournaments that would not be what they are today if not for his involvement in their developing years.

Tonight the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame ushers Robert Schmidlin to membership.

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