HOF – Juanita Hostetler


2002 – Meritorious Service
Juanita Hostetler

The best one-word description of Juanita Hostetler’s career in bowling is the word “prolific”, which means producing results abundantly. Juanita has been an Ohio Women’s Bowling Association board member for 15 years (seven years a director, one year third vice president, eight years second vice-president); a member of the Senior Tournament Committee (chairman since 1997); served on the original committee of the Council Mixed Tournament (chairman the first four years); on the Ohio Bowling Council as a voting member while chairing an OBC District Workshop and on the Council Hall of Paine Committee; on the Ohio WBA Board, serving on all committees and chairing most of them; a member of the Dover-New Philadelphia WBA Board for 18 years (two as treasurer, one as vice president and 15 as president); has served at the league level in every capacity, a director and treasurer of the Buckeye 600 Bowling Club, which honored her with Life Membership; is active in the Buckeye Women Bowling Writers and the Ohio Local Association Presidents Club where she served as secretary for 10 years; was actively involved and served on the board of directors of the Women’s Inter-City Tournament organization for many years. Juanita is a member of the Dover-New Philadelphia WBA Hall of Fame.

Somehow, she found time to bowl in 19 WIBC Tournaments (18 annual meetings), 38 Ohio WBA Championship Tournaments (26 convention week-ends) and in her leagues. Her bowling ability has gained her membership in the Ohio 700 Bowling Club and with her partner Richard Bryant, Sr. of Columbus won the 3rd Annual Ohio Mixed Tournament Doubles in 1996 with an actual 1151, handicap 1391 (Juanita 554, Richard 597). Tonight The Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame welcomes a new, dynamic member — Juanita Hostetler.

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