HOF – Robert Cooke


2001 – Meritorious Service
Robert Cooke

Bob Cooke’s career began when he was a teenager. He became a fine bowler — his 200 averages bear witness to that. In 1963 his New London team won the ABC Boosters Division with a record setting score that stood up for more than 20 years.

That was just the start for him. After working in the family owned business, he managed New London Lanes (1963-69). LuRay Lanes (1970-71) and Lex Lanes (1971-92). In 1992 he became General Manager of Lex Lanes, a position he holds today. Concurrently he became deeply involved in the administration part of bowling. He was elected president of the North central Ohio Bowling Proprietors Association in 1976 and 1977. He became secretary in 1982 and still is. He has served as NCOBPA tournament director since 1982. He was on the BPAA as vice president, 1986 – 1990. He also was a member of other national committees, testimony of his personal standing in the BPAA

When the National Insurance Program collapsed, Bob, along with Harry Wells, formed the Ohio Proprietors Insurance Agency in 1989. It is likely that the formation of that agency kept a number of bowling centers in business.

He was president of the BPAO (1984-85). He chaired the Constitution and By-laws Committee for 10 years. He chaired or served on many other BPAO committees.

Tonight the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame recognizes Bob Cooke as a new member.

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