HOF – Arlene Reigers*


2001 – Meritorious Service
Arlene (Blondie) Reigers

A member of the Greater Hamilton WBA for more than 50 years, including 40 years on its board of directors, 30 of them as its treasurer, Arlene (Blondie) Reigers was elected a Member Emerita upon her retirement. Although not a member of the Ohio WBA Board, she has rendered exceptional devotion and service to the Association in a number of capacities, such as assisting in the time-consuming task of preparing for mailing the Ohio Hi-Lites which, before the advent of the computer, was a labor-intensive assignment.

She helped Kathy Hammes with the Officers Fun Day Tournament, both in the pre-tournament period of registering and scheduling bowlers in addition to working in the tournament office. Appointed to the Credentials Committee in the early ‘60’s, she became chairman after a couple of years, a post she still holds. As chairman, she revised and rewrote the entire procedural process with excellent results. What was once a problem area is now one where there have been only very minor matters to deal with in more than 30 years.

She became a Member Emerita of the Ohio WBA in 1984. Always energetic, she is an indispensable volunteer at Shroeder Manor, a retirement home, where she has chaired three successful fund raising functions for their benevolent care fund, raising more than $60,000. The Ohio Women‘s Bowling Association calls her devotion and service to be “extraordinary.” Tonight Blondie receives the highest honor of the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame.

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