HOF – Lois A. Caylor*


2000 – Meritorious Service
Lois A. Caylor

Lois Caylor, a member of the Dayton WBA since 1950, has had a busy and fruitful career. She has received many honors: the Mary Janetto Award for local bowling promotion (1995), the Ohio Presidents’ Award for outstanding association president (1994), Member Emeritus, the Ohio WBA (1995), election to the Dayton Hail of Fame (1985) and the Ohio WBA Hall of Fame (1997). She is a Life Member of the Dayton WBA.

In 1977 she became a director of the Dayton WBA. A year later she was elected first vice president, a position she held from 1978 to 1986. She served as president (1986-94). She was a member of the Dayton Bowling Council (1986-94) and on the in-school program coordinator (1991 -95). She was a director of the Ohio WBA (1983-85). She also was treasurer of the Ohio WBA (1985-88), 8rd vice president (1988-90) and 1st vice president (1990-95). She managed the Ohio State Tournament (1990-98). She was on the Ohio Bowling Council (1994-95).

Lois was also active on the national level. She was a delegate to 14 WlBC Conventions, served on the Tellers’ Committee at 11 WlBC Conventions. She bowled in 13 WlBC tournaments.
She becomes a member of the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame tonight. She might have made it sooner but she was so busy the committee couldn’t catch up to her.

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