HOF – Rilla Yeater


1998 – Meritorious Service
Rilla Yeater

When we think of volunteers and what we would like them to be, you should refer to Rilla M. Yeater’s resume. When you review her contribution to the sport of bowling you will find that she has served in some capacity in almost every aspect of our sport.

Rilla started bowling in 1958 and that was the beginning. She became involved and was elected to the Akron Women’s Bowling Association in 1973 serving as Director- 8 years, Vice President- 9 years and finally as President- 8 years. Elected to the Ohio State Women’s Bowling Association as Director, 2nd Vice President, and 3rd Vice President- 4 years. During the years, 1984 – 1995 she served on many committees and helped design the first Queens tournament. Founder of Buckeye Bowling Boosters and Charter member of Buckeye Women Bowling Writers.

In 1994 Rilla was appointed as Director for the Women’s international Bowling Congress and reelected to a 3 year term in 1995. She presently serves on many of the committees at the Congress. Rilla has served for eleven years on the National Women Bowling Writers Board of Directors and has served as President since 1995. She was Chairperson “Story 8 Publications Contest” – 10 years. Editor of Publication, “Knows For News” – 4 years. Writer of the Year-1987. Sam Levine Writing Award – 1982 plus winning many other awards.

In 1995 Rilla M. Yeater was elected to the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service. Tonight it is fitting that Rilla be inducted into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service.

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