HOF – Glenn McConnell


1996 – Meritorious Service
Glen McConnell

Glen McConnell is being posthumously inducted into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame this evening and those of us who knew and worked with Glen are certain that somewhere, looking down upon us tonight, is a gentleman feeling much pride and satisfaction. This evening would have proven one of Glen’s most coveted prizes.

Glen’s bowling career was a career of dedication and service, dedication to the sport and service to his fellow bowlers. He started bowling in 1935 with a group from Yellow Cab Company. In the 1940-41 season, he moved to the Delco Mid Atlantic league and was elected secretary, beginning an incredible career that culminated in his 5oth anniversary in the position the 1990-91 season.

Glen was elected to the Dayton Bowling Association Board of Directors in 1970 and continued to serve the association for twenty years. During those 20 years, he served on nearly every committee and contributed countless hours helping the office operation. He was elected Vice President in 1985. He was inducted into the DBA Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service in the 1989-90 season.

The Ohio State Bowling Association tapped Glen for it’s board of directors in 1972 when he became Zone #2 Director. Recognizing his contributions, the delegates elected Glen a Vice President in 1979 and then into the President in 1983. During this time frame, the Ohio Bowling Council was in the formation process and on July 22, 1982 when the vision was realized, Glen was elected to serve as its first president. As president of the Ohio Bowling Council, Glen was involved in the formation of this very Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame. For his over fifty year volunteer service to his bowling leagues, local association, state association and the Ohio Bowling Council, it is very fitting that Glen be honored tonight for Meritorious Service to bowling in the state of Ohio.

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