HOF – Ruth Heath-Trott


1995 – Meritorious Service
Ruth Heath-Trott

Just mention bowling and a smile across her face. Talk about the Ohio Women’s Bowling Association and her eyes sparkle with excitement. She promotes the game with zeal and enthusiasm. There is no doubt that Ruth Heath-Trott is devoted to bowling and to organizations and the members she serves. Her contributions are many and it is because of her untiring efforts to promote the sport that she deserves special recognition and induction into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame in the Meritorious Service category.

Currently serving as President of the Ohio Women’s Bowling Association, Ruth follows a line of outstanding leaders. Knowing that the journey would be a challenge, she met it head on and continues the strong leadership the Ohio WBA expects of its president.

Her service to the game began with Montpelier Women’s Bowling Association where, after serving 17 years as secretary and six more as treasurer, she was elected a Life Member. Visiting each league, she encouraged members to become involved in local, state and national activities. Since then the Montpelier WBA has received many awards for participation in Ohio WBA activities. Ruth also helped organize the Williams County 600 Club, and was instrumental in the formation of the District 1 and Ohio 600 Clubs.

A competitive bowler for many years, Ruth holds a record number of titles in her local association and for some time, carried a 188 average. She was rewarded with election to the Superior Performance category of the Montpelier WBA Hall of Fame.

On the national level, Ruth has contributed in a variety of ways. She has participated in 26 WIBC Championship Tournaments and served as an elected delegate to 27 WIBC annual meetings.

Membership promotion has always been one of Ruth’s strong suits. Serving first as one of WIBCs Area Recruitment Coordinators and then moving into WIBC Membership Development Program, Ruth has held workshops and instructed local leaders in methods of membership recruitment and team building skills. Ruth was recently named Regional membership Development Coordinator and will serve a five- state area.

For all her efforts, Ruth leaves no doubt that the Ohio Women’s Bowling Association and promoting the game at the state level is her first love in bowling. She devotes many hours and much effort to state activities. Through her efforts, the Ohio WBA was awarded WIBC’s first Spotlight Award for state associations with memberships of over 30,000. In 1994, she received the BPAO Meritorious Service Award for her efforts in behalf of the Ladies First program. More honors have come her way as she holds Life and Honorary memberships in other bowling organizations. In 1993 she received the Gene Myers Award from the Ohio Local Association. Secretaries Club and in 1994 she received the Ohio Mary Jannetto Award for Local Bowling Promotion.

Ruth Heath-Trott truly deserves every honor she receives and tonight we recognize her for all her efforts in behalf of Ohio’s bowlers and our great game of bowling.

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