HOF – Rose Erdos*


1995 – Meritorious Service
Rose Erdos

Rose Erdos has been an active member of the Canton Women’s Bowling Association for 45 years and has been a stellar force in it’s accomplishments. Not only did she serve as Treasurer for 31 ½ years, but also found time to serve every other committee as well. Her best loved job was that of raising funds for the local association. Rose has never met a a stranger and she has the ability to “sell ice cubes to Eskimos”. Rose served as local delegate to both the Ohio WBA and WIBC Annual Meetings and always answered in the affirmative if her services were needed in any capacity. The Canton WBA honored Rose in 1981 with election to their Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service. And upon her retirement as treasurer, elected her a member Emeritus.

Rose was elected Sergeant-of-Arms of the Ohio WBA in 1971 and served in that capacity for 16 years. No job was ever to large or too small for Rose to devote her full attention. Whether it be work or play Rose could always be counted upon for 100% participation. Upon her retirement from the Ohio WBA board, she was honored with election as Member Emeritus.

Supporting the related clubs came naturally as she worked with the Buckeye 600 Club during the formative years and also became a charter member of the Buckeye Women’s Bowling Writers, serving on that board for many years. Upon retirement from the writers group she was again selected for Member Emeritus status. In 1993 Rose received the prestigious Mary Jannetto Award for Local Promotion for the game of bowling..

Never content to just participate in the game she loved, she has held every league office at one time or another. She is currently serving secretary/treasurer of her Senior Citizens League. Seeing her after each Senior Olympics, one wonders how she is not bowling or attending meetings, she does volunteer work at Timken medical Center and also at one of the local adult Day-Care Centers.

To quote a good friend, “To know Rose is to love her. There will never be any other to promote bowling as Rose does. She is truly a bowlers bowler.”

Indeed Rose Erdos personifies meritorious Service.

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