HOF – Paul Chambliss*


1995 – Meritorious Service
Paul Chambliss

The Dayton bowling community lost one of its strongest proponents with the death of Paul Chambliss in September 1993. Paul’s bowling career started in 1935 and continued with great enthusiasm and drive for over 40 years. His first sanctioned league bowling was in a Delco Products League where he averaged 146 for his first season. He later rose to a high average of 189 in 1946 with a high game of 288 and a high series of 711.

once bitten by the bowling bug, Paul became interested in the administration side of the game, when he helped Carl Herbert and Floyd Weymouth with the operation of the Dayton Bowling Association City Tournament. He was such an asset that the DBA continued to his services for many succeeding years. Paul’s ability to conduct tournaments enabled him to become Tournament Director of the Journal Herald National Industrial Tournament in 1954, a post he held until 1971. During this period, the tournament entry grew from 120 teams in 1954 to 6502 teams in 1967.

Recognition of Paul’s administrative talents took the form of election to the Board of Directors of the Dayton Bowling Association in 1948, where he served, with the exception of one year’s absence when he managed a local bowling establishment, until his death.

In 1958, Paul was elected a Zone Director of the Ohio State Bowling Association, which eventually led to him becoming President in 1967.

For his many years of dedication to the bowlers of Ohio and to the game itself, the name of Paul Chambliss will be posthumously added to our record tonite.

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