HOF – James Clemens*


1994 – Meritorious Service
James R. Clemens

Whoever said that working with young people tended to make one stay young, must have had James R. Clemens in mind. Starting in 1971, James became a member of the Board of Directors of the Greater Columbus Youth Bowling Association, only one year after he joined the Board of Directors of the Greater Columbus Men’s Bowling Association. He would serve both groups over the years as an officer. It didn’t take James long to become involved in the youth, as he was the supervisor of the Central Ohio Youth Classic League from 1973 to the present. He also took on the presidency of the Greater Columbus Junior Bowling Association that same year and served in that capacity until 1975. He became the Region 5 director of the Ohio State Young American Bowling Alliance in 1976, and held that post until 1978. He then took on Vice President of that organization in 1978 and held it until 1986. He also kept a close eye on the youth money, serving as treasurer of the Greater Columbus Youth Bowling Association from 1980 until the present. Beginning in 1981, he served as In-State Instructor for the Young American Bowling Alliance, a position he still holds. Under his tutelage, over 950 students have been certified as coach instructors.

With all the time spent with the youth of Columbus, one wouldn’t think that James had time left for anything else. Not true! He served the Greater Columbus Men’s Bowling Association as president from 180-81. He also served as their treasurer from 1993 until the present. A charter member of the Central Ohio Bowling Council since 1981, he served that group as president for the 189-90 term. He has also been a member of the Board of Directors of the Ohio Sate Bowling Association since 1984 and also a member of the Ohio Bowling Council since that year. He also served as Ohio Bowling Council as president for the 1990-91 term. Still finding time to bowl, James rolled his first 300 game in June 1994. As you can see, having been elected to the Greater Columbus Men’s Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 1993 certainly didn’t mean that James chose to sit on his laurels. Instead, he elected to continue to serve, which is why James truly deserves the honor being bestowed on him tonight — Meritorious Service.

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