HOF – Mary Margaret Fortener*


1993 – Meritorious Service
Mary Margaret Fortener

Starting her bowling career in 1942, it didn’t take Mary Margaret long to start her long career in the administration side of bowling. In 1951, she started the first of her 28 years of service to the Dayton Women’s Bowling Association as a Director. She later served as 2nd V. President, 1st V. President and four years as President. Working with her husband, Paul, as a proprietor, Mary Margaret, along with Carl Copp, co-organized the AJBC chapter in Dayton in 1960, one of the first to be organized. The Dayton AJBC was also one of the first to start Instruction clinics. Before the current YABA In-School program was ever dreamed of, Mary Margaret, through Fortener Lanes, approached Dayton School System with an eight-week bowling program.

Mary Margaret not only attended 27 Ohio Women’s Bowling Association conventions as a delegate, she stood for election twice to the OWBA Board of Directors. She served on the Nominating Committee twice, once as it Chairman, and on the Budget/Finance Committee. She was teller for many years and also received a 25-year participation award.

Expanding her horizons, Mary Margaret served as WIBC delegate at 30 conventions. She was a member of the WIBC Finance Committee, the Legislative and Law Committee, and also served on the Delegate Reduction Committee. She has received a 25-year tournament participation award and was elected a WIBC Permanent Member in 1965.

Mary Margaret organized bowling tours of both OWBA and WIBC Championship tournaments, making it possible for Dayton to win numerous participation awards from the OWBA.

Another example of her foresight was when she organized and hosted the first joint meeting of the Dayton proprietors, the Dayton Bowling Association and the Dayton Women’s Bowling Association.

To sum up her feelings about the sport, Mary Margaret said, “There is no other sport like it. It is a sport for all ages and in which all kinds of people participate. It develops friends, the bosom-buddy type, not the fly-by-night kind.” Truly, Mary Margaret has been a “bosom-buddy” to bowling.

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