HOF – Howard Bosken*


1992 – Meritorious Service
Howard “Bud” Bosken

Howard “Bud” Bosken started in the 1940’s as manager of Hoinke Lanes.

He owned Del Fair Lanes from 1950’s until 1973 when he purchased Fairfield Lanes which he still owns.

Bosken is an achiever and promoter and his programs have received local, state and national recognition.

Bosken hosted the popular Ruth Lyons Christmas Party every year to raise money for Children’s Hospital. Many other charity fund raisers benefited from his efforts and generosity and a year ago “Bud” raised $26,000 for Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

Mort Luby, in a Bowlers Journal article gave Bud the title of the “Barnum of Bowling” as over many years he has brought in prominent people to run clinics, assist with promotions and teach the game of bowling to adults and youths. To name a few: Dick and Pete Weber, earl Anthony, Bill Bunetta, Esther Woods, Joe Joseph, Joe Nuxhall, Gordy Coleman and many others.

His center hosted the first nationally televised L.P.B.A. tournament in color. Bud put great emphasis on teaching bowling to the boys and girls in the local schools and he was one fo the first having instructors in the school gyms using soft balls for bowling balls.

Howard Bosken is a past president of the Greater Cincinnati Bowling proprietors Association, a member of the Ohio State and national Bowling proprietors Association, and has been inducted into the Greater Hamilton Hall of Fame.

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