HOF – Charles Westlake*


1989 – Meritorious Service
Charles W. Westlake

Charles Westlake served as public relations director for the Women’s International Bowling Congress until the association moved its headquarters from Columbus to Milwaukee in 1972.

The 72-year-old Westlake, a member of the greater Columbus Hall of Fame, was the editor of The Woman Bowler starting in 1963 and then took over the public relations department.

Westlake started writing sports for the Ohio State Journal in 1939. After five years with the Air Force, including 30 months in the Southwest Pacific, he joined the Columbus Citizen. He was bowling editor from 1945 to 1959, writing Sunday columns plus extensive tournament coverage.

In his years with the WIBC, he handled the pres facilities at all WIBC Championship events. He traveled the world with ABC and WIBC teams competing in FIQ and American Zone tournaments.

Westlake retired as Public information officer for the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services in 1984.

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