HOF – Linus Hartings


2013 – Meritorious Service
Linus Hartings

Linus Hartings has served on the BCA of Ohio Executive Board from 2005 to present, serving as Chairman from 2010 to 2012. He has served on the BCA of Ohio Legislative Committee for eight years, on the Nominating Committee for four years, served for two years as President, served for two years as Vice President, served on the Audit and Budget Committee, Chaired the Meeting Committee for two years, and served four years on the High School Bowling Ad Hoc Committee lobbying the Ohio High School Athletic Association to recognize bowling as a Varsity Sport.

When Linus was President of the BCA of Ohio, he was called upon by our state lobbyist, David Corey, to become more active in attending fundraisers for our legislators to make our lawmakers aware of the concerns that bowling centers face. At the time one of the greatest concerns was that casinos would create an uneven playing field for centers to fight for the recreational dollars of their customers. A small victory was achieved in June, 2012 when the new Casino Bill allowed for any 501c3 organization to obtain a Type III Gaming License to sell Instant Bingo Tickets in unlimited locations within the charity’s county. Linus served on the Legislation Ad Hoc Committee in 2012 where all local USBC’s and bowling centers were invited to attend a regional educational meeting to explain the new law and how it could to be used to support youth bowling.

He served on the Bowling Proprietors Association of America Small Center Initiatives Committee for two years and represented the BCA of Ohio for two years at the BPAAState President’s meeting.

Linus founded the West Ohio High School Bowling Conference in 1998. He began the Linus Open Golf Outing that is held in conjunction with his PBA Regional Tournament which has awarded $16,500.00 in scholarships to youth bowlers since 2007. The Lefeld Implements Classic PBA Regional Tournament is very popular with the pro bowlers and has become a community events. There are two other events connected to the Regional and Pro-Am Tournaments, the above mentioned “Linus Open Golf Outing” and the PBA Celebrity Softball Game that raises money for Muscular Dystrophy. In 2001 Linus was name Coldwater, Ohio Chamber of Commerce “Citizen of the Year”.

He has bowled in thirty-seven ABC/USBC national tournaments, in twenty-five plus Ohio State USBC BA tournaments and has rolled five three hundred games and three 800 plus series.

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