HOF – Chuck Edmondson


2008 – Pioneer
Chuck Edmonson

Chuck Edmonson has bowled for the past forty-five years. His composite league average is 206, with 224 being his highest.

He has rolled eighteen 300 games with fourteen of these being performed in tournaments and sweepers. He has also rolled eight 800 series.

His many titles include the Ridge Lanes Classic Singles Champion in 1961, the Hasty Tasty Scratch, Dayton Ohio Team Champion in 1967, Cincinnati Bowling Association Doubles Champion in 1968, Cincinnati BPA Match Game Champion in 1968, Cincinnati Bowling Association All Events Champion in 1970, Central Ohio Match Game Champion in 1971, Cincinnati Bowling Association Team Champion in 1977, Hoinke Classic Team Event Scratch Champion in 1977, and the Louisville Derby Tournament Team Champion on three different occasions.

He was inducted into the Greater Cincinnati Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 1983 and the Greater Hamilton Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 2004.

Chuck was a member of the Schoenling All-Stars Exhibition Team, leading the team in average three of the four years with a 212 average.

Chuck has bowled in twenty-two ABC Tournaments with a composite average of 198. In the 1969 ABC Tournament he finished second in All Events with a score of 1975, second in Doubles with partner, Eddie Jackson, with a score of 1373, and his team Schoenling All-Stars finished second in Team All Events.

He has served as proprietor of Gilmore Lanes from 1991 to present.

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