HOF – James Cochran*


2004 – Pioneer
James W. Cochran

When Casey Stengel was manager of the New York Yankees, he often said to sports writers, after telling them about some player or team or game, “You can look it up.” Some of them did and, of course, ol’ Casey was right.

If Casey had known Rick Pollard and he was asked why Rick should be elected to the Ohio Bowling Council Hall of Fame, he would say, “Look at the numbers. You can look it up.” And, once again ol’ Casey was dead on.

A member of the Cincinnati Hall of Fame, Pollard ahs rolled eight – 800 series (836 high), 21 perfect games and a season high average of 229. He won so often in the Hoinke Classic (teams four times, doubles and shoot-out singles) that a bowler said “They ought to call this the Pollard Classic.” He has won 21 league and tournament titles (1984 – 2003). He has averaged 203 for 25 ABC Tournaments.

You see what Casey meant. Some more? How about a 300 game every year for 8 years? How about winning tournaments in Cincinnati, Louisville, KY, Niagara Falls, NY, Springfield, Toledo, Lima, Chicago, Decatur, Ill? Like the great ones, he could win anywhere he put his bowling shoes on.

Tonight the Ohio Bowling Council hall of Fame opens its doors to welcome Rick Pollard, one of Ohio’s best.

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