HOF – Bruce E. Davis


1999 – Meritorious Service
Bruce E. Davis

Bruce Davis has developed many plans and programs which have proven to be very successful in promoting participation in bowling.

Davis setup the first marketing plan for the Bowling Proprietors of Ohio. He helped develop the BPAO Ideas 83 Promotions Book, which I still in use today. The national BPAA later produced a similar book. Davis was awarded BPAA’s Meritorious Service Medal in 1995.

He has been active at all levels of BPA and bowling. In 1982-83, he produced television commercials promoting open play and youth bowling for BPAO. They were so successful, they were purchased and marketed by the National Bowling Council. His adult/child promotions created 8,000 new league bowlers in the Toledo area. He has been running the Shammy Burt Tournament which attracts bowlers from all over the country — in 1998, over 14,000 bowlers with a prize find of $240,000 for thirty years.

He became president of the Ohio BPA in 1998 and during his term, BPOA developed the Grand Prix Scholarship Fund, a privatized worker’s compensation program and a marketing plan for bowling centers.

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