HOF – Robert Girts*


1999 – Meritorious Service
Robert W. Girts

From his start in bowling in 1947, until his death in May 1997, Bob Girts was dedicated to the sport and he made a positive impact on it.

He served in league offices, 34 years on the Youngstown Men’s BA directorate and in 1971 was elected to the ABC Board of Directors, serving 20 years as the Northeastern Director. He served on the ABC High Score, National Seniors Tournament and National Tournament Selection Site committees. In 1991, he was honored by the ABC with a lifetime membership.

In 1972 he was elected to the Ohio State Bowling Association as Director. He was named Assistant Secretary and served three terms in that office. In 1975, he became Executive Secretary/Treasurer and held that office til his death.

He was involved in a number of bowling promotions and activities with William R. Thompson, who, as founder of the Youngstown Men’s BA Hall of Fame, selected Girts to be secretary, a position he held from 1970 – 1997. He served as an advisor to the AJBC, now known as the Young American Bowling Alliance.

In 1987, he was honored by the YMBA with his selection to the Hall of Fame.

On his death, the Lancaster Bowling Association Year Book of 1997 honored Girts with a full page tribute, including a picture, entitled “Nobody does it better than Robert Girts”, noting that his character, example and influence would continue to impact Ohio bowling.

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